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Nobby REED – Here I Am 2007

Nobby REED – Here I Am 2007


This is my second solo cd,first being Guitar On My Back, recorded in 1996.I am celebrating 10 years sobriety, so I decided to do another solo cd, and Jason was available, and that also made it fun to do.
Once again I'm handling all the guitars, bass,and vocals,and as I said, this cd features Jason Corbiere on drums,(he's played with Roomful Of Blues,Eddie Kirkland, and Lou Pride,) he also played 4 tracks on my first solo cd. Jason is from Swanton vt, as is myself.I had the pleasure to watch, Jason grow into the fine drummer that he is today!
I have 4 guest harpman on the cd, northern Vermont has many a talented blues harp players, and here are a few.I also have a good friend , and a great sax player on 2 tracks.The last track features Mr Charlie,from his radio show,Blues For Breakfast on WIZN in Burlington,Vt. it was recorded last year live on the air, when I was a guest promoting my NRP cd Hold The Truth.
This is the 3rd cd Ive recorded in my studio,I 'm learning more with each recording, and this one is mastered by Andre @ West Street Digital.I feel this one sounds better!!
By Nobby Reed.
Nobby has not only done it again, he has outdone himself yet again. His celebration of 10 years sobriety is fantastic, and his music has always been inspirational in my six plus years of sobriety. But, onto the music...his addition of some Delta style blues along with his searing electric blues makes for a new synergy as yet unseen by this virtuoso blues guitarist and band. His tasteful additions of sax, organ and harp round out what is Nobby's best effort to date, and I can only hope he continues to come out with new music that keeps him comfortably in the ranks of the finest bluesman alive today. Thanks, Nobby, for just being Nobby.....!
By  Jim Tremblay.
01.Here I Am (4:31)
02.The Road I'm On (4:49)
03.The Afterburn (4:09)
04.Surrender (7:06)
05.Feel Something (5:52)
06.All I Got Left Is a Song (3:29)
07.Never Let Me Down Easy (4:45)
08.Blues from the Harp (4:48)
09.Living a Lie (3:55)
10.Over Ez (4:47)
11.Think of Me (5:41)
12.Tears in My Eyes (4:32)

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