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Lalo SCHIFRIN and Bob BROOKMEYER - Samba Para Dos 1963

Lalo SCHIFRIN and Bob BROOKMEYER - Samba Para Dos 1963


By the time this album was recorded (Feb. 1963), the bossa/samba craze was a year old; everyone, it seemed, was waxing a Brazilian-tinged LP to get in on the popular concept, especially on the Verve label. This actually was Brookmeyer's second samba outing; an earlier LP with Gary McFarland featuring this kind of music had already been recorded the year before. The earlier album had Brookmeyer fronting a small group (vibes, 2 guitars, and percussion); here he fronts a larger contingency (7 reeds, piano, guitar, and rhythm section). It starts with the title track, which is over 10 minutes long, and although it has a nice flute solo by Leo Wright, the song bogs down in a lengthy piano solo by Schifrin; things aren't off to a good start. (Schifrin has a tendency to get clunky in his playing, especially on up-tempo numbers, reminiscent of Dave Brubeck.) But then things really pick up. I GET A KICK OUT OF YOU and JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS lend themselves well to the samba interpretation, and Brookmeyer swings hard on them (there's also a terrific guitar solo by Jimmy Raney on KICK). Phil Woods takes a much too short solo on IT'S ALL RIGHT WITH ME (his only solo on the whole Album) that practically jumps out of the speakers at you; it's marvelous. So the Album, which started off on shaky ground, ends up being not too bad at all.
By  Bomojaz.
A1 Samba para dos   10:00
A2 What Kind of Fool Am I?   2:58
A3 I Get a Kick out of You   4:37

B1 Just One of Those Things   3:25
B2 Time After Time   3:28
B3 It's All Right With Me   2:30
B4 My Funny Valentine   2:00
B5 But Not for Me   3:05

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