Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Wild Strings 1972

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Wild Strings 1972
Live in Clveland 1972


The best ever…thanks to the internet, there is a lot of live great Mahavishnu Orchestra to hear…it’s amazing to hear so many different versions, because when they played well, it’s like each version has different improvisation, they were a band made to improvise. Each musician is so good, and they were so creative, that they needed people taping all their shows to capture even a fraction of their musical ideas. Their albums capture just a tiny reflection of what each song was/could be, and they often doubled or quadrupled the playing time of different songs live. The music is/was always changing, which is a good thing.

According to John McLaughlin, Columbia refused a live release of this show. John McLaughlin himself feels that this show in Cleveland is one of the best that the Mahavishnu Orchestra has ever done. As Irony would have it, Columbia asked their engineer and Gregg Bendian to assist with the release of this live CD. A mix was made and sent for approval to John McLaughlin. No word from Columbia since.
Incedible performance, incredible sound !!!

The concert was:
West Bruce and Laing
Procol Harum and
Mahavishnu Orchestra (as the opening act )
John McLaughlin- Guitar
Jan Hammer- Keyboards
Jerry Goodman- Violin
Rick Laird- Bass
Billy Cobham- Drums
01. Meeting of the Spirits  12.50
02. You Know You Know  12.30
03. The Dance of Maya  14.51
04. The Noonward Race  22.10

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