Saturday, October 31, 2009

Buck69 - When She Whispers Your Name 2007

Buck69 - When She Whispers Your Name  2007


You've probably noticed by now that this editor has a thing for blues... Not just any blues but soulful blues. That's why I flipped out when Tommy sent me an email responding to my cry for new bands to be featured in our newsletters. Not only is Buck69 talented, well put together and ready for the big stage but they also have a tone that keeps you coming back for more. The use of lead and rhythm guitar is done to a classic drumbeat and vocals that rock the house. This band is there for the music and it's that transparency that makes them uniquely refreshing. If you like to dance, sing and shout, I have a feeling that Buck69 is for you. As I danced around my office when I was checking this band out, I could hardly imagine how much fun it would be to see them live. I highly recommend this band to anyone who enjoys rock or blues. Very impressive licks mixed in with a great drumbeat that makes a groove you can't help but listen to. I have very high expectations for this group and have no doubts that they will continue to improve as they walk up the ladder to a major record deal and national attention. Best of luck from everyone here at Guitar Tips!
By Jordan Warford, Editorial Manager for Guitar Tips.
Tom Clawson- Vocals Songwriter Guitar
Alex Clawson- Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Candice Coleman- Vocals
Buzz Anderson- Lead Guitar - Vocals
B.J. Love- Keyboards
Dave Alan- Drums - Vocals
Todd Ovall- Bass
01. T-Town  4:12
02. When She Whispers Your Name  4:13
03. Misery  3:51
04. Risk It All  3:52
05. Cold Wind  5:52
06. Sometimes  4:29
07. No Time For Love  3:26
08. Sex Drugs Ur Mom & Me  4:22
09. Sweet Spot  3:41
10. Good Days Bad Days  5:08
11. Someone Like Me  4:31
12. I'm A King Bee  7:39
13. The Monkey Song  5:11
14. The Best Place  4:04

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