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Backslide Cats - Only Good For The Blues 2003

Backslide Cats - Only Good For The Blues 2003


This CD is created by the two founding members of Backslide Cats; Roger Häggström (writing this) and Jan Ivarsson.
On this CD We have worked together with drummer Jim McCarty ( and keyboard players Mikael Bergström ...    Full Descriptionand Frank Josephs. Why this name?A cool name, we feel like we're coming back to the crime scene after 20+ years.Band History:Jan and I met up about four years ago. We have been playing together and with other people since then.Your influences?Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton, Willie Dixon, the Kings, Bessie Smith and you name it from all the other great bluesmen there is.
This is a translation of a review in "Jefferson" no. 137. Jefferson is a Nordic blues magazine: Backslide Cats Only good for the blues Bluehall 1 (50 min) From Örnsköldsvik comes Roger Häggström who has made this record at home and written all the tunes himself. He also manages the singing in a satisfactory way. Backslide Cats consist besides Roger of Jan Ivarsson: guitar bass, Jim MacCarty: drums and Mikael Bergström: Hammond organ. Good musicians all of them, no doubt about that; the Hammond organ is handled in a way worthy of imitation. The fact that it is a home recording where you have unlimited recording time makes the sound a little too stiff and perfect here and there, but that's not only a bad thing. This dish is very personal and gives you some associations to "The Blues Band" and the choice of tunes is thoroughly varied. Here you find ZZ Top-inspired rock blues like for example "Everywhere" - groove of a caliber! Canned Heat boogie in "Living Our Lives Alone", slow handsome blues in "Heartbeat Away", jazzy blues in "Soothing". The last-mentioned is a pearl, very nice delivery. It's always fun for me to hear home recordings, they are often more honest compared to expensive studio products and the contributors decide themselves how it shall be. This is a pleasant CD; there is just enough variation and it never gets dull. To be a home recording made under simple circumstances they have managed to create a tight and snappy sound.
By Göran Svensson.
01. Only Good For The Blues (3:34)
02. Living Our Lives Alone (3:23)
03. Heartbeat Away (5:17)
04. Everywhere (3:42)
05. Shadow Blues (4:38)
06. Low And Lonely (3:52)
07. Dead And Gone (3:59)
08. Moonshine Blues (3:16)
09. Soothing (3:51)
10. Take My Hand (2:56)
11. Do Your Thing (4:43)
12. Tears On My Pillow (3:28)
13. Gone (3:43)

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