Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saskia LAROO - Bodymusic 1998

Saskia LAROO - Bodymusic 1998  "REPOST"
Label: Laroo Records


The second album from Dutch female trumpet virtuoso continues her amazing funky streak, combining hip jazz/acid jazz with dance music styles such as drum 'n bass, speed garage & big beat on all original cuts (except one tribute to Miles Davis) - she uses acoustic instruments in a unique way, soaking them with hip hop beats & booty shakin' dance grooves

In the 20th century, the state of the art of the trumpet has been formed in lion’s shares by the achievements of jazz musicians. The concept of playing the trumpet was pushed up to a higher level than ever thought possible. Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis and Don Cherry are but a few of the many trumpet players who have. They are male. Valaida Snow, Clora Bryant, Barbara Donald, Ingrid Jensen and Saskia Laroo form a short but important roster of  female trumpet players who, despite the rarity of women in the field of jazz trumpet, will leave a distinct mark. Saskia Laroo, is a current feature on the face of 21st century trumpet artistry.
It takes a special kind of talent to do exactly what you want and have it accepted by a great number of people, especially when you are working in a field where public acceptance is hard to come by. When jazz musicians have hits, sometimes it is because they popularize their style. Not so trumpeter, bassplayer, producer and composer Saskia Laroo. She’s not only a hardworking, sincere jazzmusician who is goodlooking, hip, popular and selling a lot of CDs from her selffounded record company Laroo Records, but she also stands for a very high musical level in the many different jazz directions she is going nowadays. Listen to the CD and agree with me!
Hans Dulfer.
Saskia Laroo: Trumpet Section & Muted Trumpet Solo;
Lesley Joseph: Electric Bass Accompaniment & Electric Bass Solo;
Rob Gaasterland: Nordlead & Sherman Filter Bank; Ghasem Batamuntu: Voice
Rosa King (vocals) and Candy Dulfer (sax).
01.Vibes Rehearsal  0.23
02.Vibes  3.43
03.Shout  5.05
04.Bodymusic  4.28
05.Don’t Stop, Can’t Do Without  3.56
06.Supagroove  6.38
07.Spin  5.22
08.Leemou  5.43
09.The Base Element  4.38
10.Good Morning Doctor Laroo  0.56
11.If and Maybe  4.43
12.Well  5.32
13.Sonic Arch  5.17
14.More Body  2.26
15.More Vibes  4.59

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