Monday, September 28, 2009

Junior WELLS – On Tap 1991 (REPOST)

Junior WELLS – On Tap 1991


Junior Wells- Vocals, Harmonica
Sammy Lawhorn- Guitar/left channel
Phillip Guy- Guitar/right channel
Johnny “Big Moose” Walker- Piano and Organ
A.C. Reed- Tenor sax
Charles Miles- Alto sax
Herman Applewhite- Bass
Roosevelr “Snake” Shaw- Drums
Underrated mid-'70s collection boasting a contemporary, funky edge driven by guitarists Phil Guy and Sammy Lawhorn, keyboardist Big Moose Walker, and saxman A.C. Reed. Especially potent is the crackling "The Train I Ride," a kissin' cousin to Little Junior Parker's "Mystery Train."
By Bill Dahl.
This is an excellent Jr. Wells cd. It is blues with a touch (and sometimes a slap !!!) of funk. The personnel on this cd, Jr. Wells and virtouso guitarist Sammy Lawhorn (formerly of Muddy Water's band)used to rule the roost at the Legendary Theresa's club at 4801 S. Indiana on Chicago's South Side in the 70's and early 80's. The cover p[ic is Jr. behind the bar at Theresa's. This cd is a pretty good example of what you could hear for a $1 on any given night Jr. wasn't on the road in those days. That is not a misprint. the cover was $1. Blues with a touch of funk was Jr's trademark and he goes a little extra funky sometimes, but when he got down to straight blues, he was the man (he learned it right from his musical father (Muddy). If you went to Theresa's to see Jr., it was wise not to get too riled up on liquor though because everybody (especially the band) in the place was packing heat-lol. James Cotton and Jr. used to trade sets on Wed. If we invented time travel, this era would be on my top 5 list (along with seeing Muddy in the 50's and the blues and rock of the late 60's). Put this cd in and go back in time to when the blues legends roamed the clubs of Chicago.
By  Bob Condon.
01. What My Mama Told Me 4:04
02. So Long 5:37
03. Key To The Highway 4:38
04. You Gotta Love Her With A Feeling 5:24
05. The Train I Ride 5:02
06. Watch Me Move 4:02
07. Someday Baby 4:46
08. Junior's Thing 5:05
09. Goin' Down Slow5:53

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