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Jimmy WITHERSPOON - Baby, Baby, Baby 1963

Jimmy WITHERSPOON - Baby, Baby, Baby 1963
Label: Obc
Audio CD: (July 1, 1991)
Recorded in New York City on May 6, and in Los Angeles on July 8, 1963


Between 1963 and 1966, Jimmy Witherspoon recorded seven albums for Prestige; this is the first one. What makes it exceptional is the first-rate personnel accompanying him, with Leo Wright (as) Kenny Burrell (g) Bobby Bryant (tp) Jimmy Allen (ts) and Gildo Mahones (p) all giving superb support. Most of the songs are 12-bar blues, and many are of the way-downhome variety: IT'S A LONESOME OLD WORLD, I CAN'T HARDLY SEE, LONELY BOY BLUES, and ROCKS IN MY BED being very good performances of this kind. Sometimes Witherspoon comes across in a listless manner, singing in a monotone, as if the blues he's singing had REALLY overtaken him, but the sidemen keep the proceedings rolling along fine. Some of the later Prestige releases (six of them are on OBC CD reissues) are better as a whole, but most of these sides are very nice, with the 8-bar blues I'LL GO ON LIVING among his very best single tracks. Definitely worth checking out.
By  Bomojaz.
Tracks 1-8
Kenny Burrell- Guitar
Leo Wright- Tamburine,Alto Sax
Gildo Mahones- Piano
George Tucker- Bass
Jimmie Smith- Drums

Tracks 9-12
Bobby Bryant- Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Jimmy Allen- Tenor Sax
Ernie Freeman- Piano
Herman Mitchell- Guitar
Jimmy Bond- Bass
Arthur Wright- Harmonica
Jimmy Miller- Drums
01. Mean Old Frisco 3:10
02. Rocks In My bed 2:43
03. Bad Bad Whiskey 3:05
04. Baby, Baby, Baby 3:02
05. Sail On Little Girl 2:47
06. One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer 2:59
07. Lonely Boy Blues 2:48
08. Blues and trouble 2:53
09. Endless Sleep 1:12
10. I'll Go On Living 3:44
11. I Can't Hardly See 2:39
12. It's A Lonesome Old World 3:30

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